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Messenger Dogs: Tales of World War One Insursion

Last week, MPS students were lucky enough to watch the show ‘Messenger Dogs: Tales of World War One’ which a puppet and actor performance that is run by the Victorian Government as part of the ANZAC centenary and produced by Cultural Infusion. The show follows the journey of Nell, Tick & Bullet – three dogs responsible for carrying messages between headquarters and the front line. The production is intended to open a dialogue about the events of WWI to kids and shares a tale of courage, friendship and willpower. The students loved the performance and were able to give the dogs a pat at the end of the show!

/ Grade 1 & 2's

Japanese Drumming


Here are some pictures from the Taiko drumming incursion on Monday.

Well done to all our student volunteers who had a go at the drumming on stage!


/ Grade 5 & 6's

Gardening Club

The days are getting colder, however the 1/2’s are still eager to maintain their courtyard and begin to plant some winter vegetables and herbs. Thank you to those parents who donated garlic cloves and seeds. The students cannot wait to see if their seeds and cloves grow!




The Island….

With presentation night coming up soon (May 31st, 6-7pm) the students are working hard on collating their work for you to enjoy. Come along and enjoy a visit to Colallcudas!


Assembly Video

On Monday, the 1 & 2 students ran our school assembly. They did a fantastic job!

Below is a video for those who were unable to attend or would love to watch it again.


Yesterday, the 1/2’s went on their second excursion to CERES to learn about our local environment and how to keep it healthy. They rotated through four different activities.

A River’s Tale

The students explored the life of a river and discovered why it is so important to keep our water clean. The students became a character in the river’s tale and learned how you can look after or hurt the health of the creek. The students learned about the water cycle and discuss strategies to improve the health of waterways.

Netting for Water Bugs

The students learned about fresh water habitats. They enjoyed netting and identifying  the creatures living in our waterways.





















































Bush Tucker

The students were introduced to a variety of indigenous plants and about their uses for food, drink, medicine, tools and building materials.



















Garden Discovery

The students were asked to search for different types of plants in the garden, such as silverbeet, mint and spring onions. They then took turns searching for pollinators (using magnifying glasses) and mini beasts (using spades) in the garden beds.












/ Grade 1 & 2's

Merri Creek Excursion

On Monday, 23rd April the 1/2 Learning Area set off for the long walk to Merri Creek. We were met by Angela from the organisation, “The Friends of Merri Creek”.  She ran some sessions with the students and talked about the bird and animal life at the creek. We also learned that the Merri Creek is over 75 kilometres long. She showed us a map that showed other creeks that run into Merri Creek and how Merri Creek then flows into the Yarra River, which then flows into the sea. We also did some very detailed drawings of the plants in the area. It was a great day and the students coped with the walk in fine spirits. Below are some photos of our walk and some thank you letters written by the students to Angela.


























ANZAC Biscuits

Today, all of the Grade 1 & 2 students made ANZAC biscuits to help commemorate ANZAC day. Baking is always an easy way to explore mathematical concepts with kids and specifically making ANZAC biscuits is a great way to also start a conversation with them about what they think ANZAC means and to discuss the history behind these delicious biscuits (more information here:

3/4 commemorates ANZAC 2018

In the 3/4 Learning Area we discuss current affairs to deepen our understanding of the world around us. One such discussion & investigation has been about ANZAC Day.

We understand that we do not celebrate this day but rather commemorate it. Please visit this link.

3/4 Learning Area commemorates ANZAC 2018

/ Grade 3 & 4's

Monday 30 April 2018 Assembly

The 3/4 learning area will be running the Monday 30 April assembly next week.

We shall be sharing some camp videos & handing out medals from last term’s Mangahigh Maths Challenge.

Please join us if you are free.

/ Grade 3 & 4's

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