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Fun with geometric shapes in 3/4 this week!

Maths is always fun as we explore concepts using hands-on materials!

Here is a short video about our 3D Shapes!

Click on the link below to see a short clip about our work!

Fun with geometric shapes in 3/4!


Term 1 Prep Information session

Thank you to everyone who came along tonight. I have attached the slides here for those who could not make it and so you can take a look at the links : Prep family Information  

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Play is  a very important part of learning. During Developmental Play, students get to practice the skills we have been learning in class and often feel more confident to express their ideas. Working with their friends they learn to negotiate and how to listen to others ideas. They also use this time to work with new friends and learn to see the value in others. But most of all play is fun!


 IMG_3567 3

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Welcome to the Prep Blog 2019

It has been a great start to Prep this year.

As well as learning about the routines of school and how to make new friends we have made a start with out literacy and numeracy subjects.

In writing today we had a go at drawing and writing a response to our science experiment!

In Numeracy we have been working on matching numerals to collections. This has led to some great discussions around which numbers are larger and the students have been using the language of more and less.


In our classrooms we have WOW work walls. These walls will show the amazing work that the students have been doing.

Wee look forward to seeing everyone at the Prep BBQ next week and the information  session on the 27th


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Hour of Code in the 3/4 area

This morning, special techy guests from Accenture visited our Learning Area to share their coding expertise.

It goes without saying,

they were impressed with the coding knowledge our 3/4 students already possessed!


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Swimming Helpers

Swimming begins Monday 3rd of December and goes for two weeks, ending Friday 14th December. The 1/2 students who have paid in full will attend swimming everyday during this period.
There will be two groups and they will be leaving/returning to school at the times listed below:
Group 1 (just Grade 1’s): 10.20-12.15pm
Group 2 (some Grade 1’s and all Grade 2’s): 11.10-1pm.
Due to the fact that they are going to be in 2 different groups: we require 2 volunteers for each group everyday to walk students to and from swimming. Working with Children Check is required and no siblings.  Assistance is not required in the change rooms.
If you would like to know what group your child is in, then please contact your child’s home group teacher. Also, if you are able to assist us with the walks, your child’s home group teacher will be able to put your name on the list.
Thank you in advance
1/2 Team
/ Grade 1 & 2's


Wanted… Parents, Carers or Helpers,

to walk to and from the swimming pool

with the 3/4 students.

There will be two groups, 9 am and 12 noon.

Please us know if you can help.


What happened to the wall?

The damage to the prep courtyard wall was a fantastic prompt for writing today.

The students came up with their own stories about what might have caused the damage.


On Sunday I saw a rhino riding a monster truck and the truck crashed into the wall.

by Nadine

I think that a giant whale crashed into the brick wall because she wanted to eat berries for her family dinner

by Tanisha

One day 71 rhinoceros ran into the school and there was a crash and a bang and lots of bricks fell down the builders still haven’t finished the wall

By  Ada 

On Sunday there were ten evil unicorns. They used their evil magic to blast a big hole in the wall.

They were angry because everyone thought they were cute!

By Carmen, Zara, Zoe and Sonquette 

A ghost began eating the school, then the sun began melting the ghost! Then a unicorn stood on the ghost. 

By Mila

 A tiny little drop fell on the school and that tiny drop destroyed the school. 

By Una

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Money Play

This week we have been exploring money during play. When you’re out shopping with your children encourage them to think about the cost of certain things and find appropriate coins when paying.

Here are a few other ideas for having fun with maths at home.

Everyday Maths

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