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Reminder – Signed permission forms for Dinner and Sleepover due this Friday

Grade 1 Dinner and Grade 2 Dinner and Sleepover

       On Friday, 13th October, 2017.

 We are just giving you a reminder that the permission form and payment for the dinner and sleepover needs to be returned by Friday, 22nd September.

Could you please advise if your child will be attending.  We need to know the final numbers for catering purposes.  If you require another set of notices, please let us know asap.

Thanks in advance from the 1/2 Team

Jennah, Prue, Luisa, Rosa, Leila and Sengul

Money, money, money!

Over the last two weeks, the Preps have been learning about money and at the end of the unit we set up a shop. The Preps were given $5 in coins and were asked to spend all of the coins on items in our store (all items were either $1 or $2).

Below are photos of what the students purchased.


Book Week Cross-Age Activities

The art work students completed during the cross-age activities in Book Week was absolutely delightful.  There is such a buzz in the air when students get to work with other students across the school.  Friendships are made and it is wonderful to see the senior students helping the younger students with the activities.  I have put together a range of photos for everyone to enjoy.  The list below shows the Picture Story Book that was selected and the activity that matched.

Nannie Loves Patchwork Quilt
Gary Pigeons in the city mural
All I Want for Christmas is Rain Rainstick
Go Home Cheeky Animals Wrapped Animals
The Snow Wombat Wombat Burrow
Chip Magicclay Chip
Mechanica Symmetrical Collage

Oxfam talk and Information Reports

Harvey M



Evie C

We were so lucky to have Pam Anders (Delilah’s mother) talk to the 1/2 Learning Area about the wonderful work Oxfam does in our community and world wide earlier this month.  Students had the opportunity to write an Information Report after listening to Pam’s presentation and doing some on-line research.


We were very proud of the way students presented their information using headings and sub-headings effectively.

/ Grade 1 & 2's

Book Week

Below are more photos of the Preps from our book week celebrations.


/ Foundation


Thank you to all of the parents, carers and family members who attended our annual school event. Below are some pictures of the Preps on stage.




/ Foundation

‘Hana’ dissection

The Grade 3/4s took apart some hana in Japanese Science last week and identified all the various parts that they could.  We found the stigma, sepal, pollen, petals and more!

Then we made Japanese/English sentences describing what we found:

Pollen ga arimas. Stigma ga arimas. Sepal ga arimasen.

Book Week Cross Age Activities

After our book week assembly, the Preps worked with different grades to complete craft activities based on the books shortlisted this year. Prep C worked with 3/4A and read ‘All I Want for Christmas is Rain’ by Cori Brooke. Together, the students made rain makers out of cardboard, rice, aluminium foil, tape and string. Below are some pictures of their costumes and rain makers.


/ Foundation

Scraps of Wool and Ribbon wanted!

Book Week is coming to Moreland next Monday when we have our Dress-up Day.  Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite story book characters!  All students will be involved in cross-age activities to celebrate Book Week.  I am  collecting wool and ribbons for one of our Art Activities based on a short-listed picture story book.


If you have any scraps or odds and ends,  could you please drop in the box at the front office.  It would be appreciated if you could drop it in tomorrow or Thursday.

Many thanks.

Prue Satchwell

Creating Toys – 1/2 Learning Area

Last Friday there was a buzz in the 1/2 Learning Area, as the students went to work making the models or prototypes of the toys they had designed.  The students were so creative in making their toys and worked incredibly hard.  Special thanks to Sasha (Candy Sparkles) for her help working with the students!  Enjoy the photos…

/ Grade 1 & 2's

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