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M is for milkshakes!

Category : Foundation

Today, during language experience, the Preps made milkshakes!
After tasting the milkshakes, the students brainstormed words for their writing.
 Some of these included: milk, strawberry, chocolate, foam, bubbles, sweet, scrumptious and smooth.

Numbers, numbers and more numbers!

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Making a 3-digit number using spinners, finding the number on a MAB flip chart, using MAB stamps to model it, writing the number in words, working out 10 & 100 more & less and finally rounding it off so to place it on a number line…

no wonder we need a good breakfast

to keep up!

More measuring fun!

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Today we had to find objects in our learning area that measured exactly 20 or 30 icy-pole sticks! Atticus


We measured the perimeter of things in our classroom. Ravi


Measuring ourselves and toys… Fun with maths

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Have you ever tried to measure yourself or a toy without using rulers?

That was the challenge our students had to think about…

Amidst the the fun and laughs, our students chose a unit of measure like counters and blocks, estimated how many they would need to measure themselves, then worked together co-operatively to find an accurate measure.

Finally, our students had to make a home for a toy… some made a hanger for an aeroplane, others a garage for a truck and some a bedroom for a very sleepy animal toy.

Reading fun

Category : Grade 1 & 2's


This week in our reading groups, we had to work together to present our story “Smart Alec”.
Four amazing girls worked so hard- Lila, Ivy, Siobhan and Madi. The audience could not stop laughing.
We tried to make it look like it was the same, like in the book. “I bet you don’t know what happens if you eat too much toast?” said Smart Alec.  Madi and Siobhan
We had to change our voices to sound like Smart Alec. The audience couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny. Lila
We had to work together. I loved what we did!!!! Ivy
Lot’s of people laughed! I liked it. It was great! Atticus
It was fun. I liked the show! Roshan
We had to read the book and do funny things. Harvey
After reading the “Low-down on Lyrebirds” text, some children had to research a life cycle of their choosing and present their report to the grade.
      Whilst other students read about
“Valuing Our Volunteers”     and researched the work  volunteer groups in Australia might do, such as at the Collingwood Children’s Farm. It was a fabulous learning experience, especially presenting to other students! Well done everyone!

Friends of 10

Category : Foundation

This week, the Preps have been learning about how to make 10. Below are some pictures of the preps using tens frames. Students rolled a ten sided dice, added that many objects/counters to their tens frame and worked out how many more they needed to make 10.

8 and 2 make 10

6 and 4 make 10

5 and 5 makes 10

9 and 1 makes 10

2 and 8 makes 10

7 and 3 make 10

8 and 2 make 10

History Project – What are we up to?

Category : Grade 5 & 6's

We are past the halfway point for Term One, and our students in Grade 5/6 haven’t wasted any time getting going on their history projects! Already the students are building up their knowledge of lots of different periods in Australia’s colonial history, working in groups to explore topics like ‘who were the convicts and why did they come here?’, ‘who were the different groups of people involved in gold mining and the Eureka Stockade?’ or ‘how did Indigenous people feel when Europeans arrived?’

Here are some blog posts from the Grade 5/6s filling you in on what they’ve been learning so far. Enjoy!








Grade 5/6 and Preps sharing eating time….

Category : System

Spending time with the littlest people in the school is a pleasure for our Grade 5/6s. Here they all are, enjoying eating lunch together in the sun!



Developmental Play

Category : Foundation

Here are some photos from Developmental Play today.