Monthly Archives: April 2017

Fried Rice

Category : Foundation

This term, the students will continue to learn about China in Asian Studies. Today, we made fried rice in our home groups and discussed what the students smelt, saw, tasted and felt. Some of the words that they came up with were: yummy, hot, tasty, rough and colourful (just to name a few). Language experiences such as these provide students with real life experiences and rich vocabulary to use in their writing.

Developmental Play

Category : Foundation

Today, during Developmental Play, the Preps worked on their fine motor skills, created their own beyblades out of K-nex, constructed buildings out of magnetic shapes and read books from our library (just to name a few activities).


Category : Grade 1 & 2's

 We would like to update you about borrowing of library books.  Unfortunately, we have a problem with the system that our IT experts are endeavouring to sort out.  The students are not able to borrow library books until this problem has been cleared.  I will let you know as soon as the students can start borrowing once again.  Please note that this does not effect home reading.

 Prue Satchwell,  Resource Manager

Exploring Patterns

Category : Foundation

The Preps have been learning how to copy, make and continue patterns using their bodies, sounds, colours and shapes. Below are pictures of the Wombats creating their core element, and repeating them to create a patterns.