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Meet Some Well-Loved Toys

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

We have some wonderful pieces of writing from students in the Learning Area.  Their task was to write a description of their toys.

In their writing they were required to write a short paragraph introducing their toy.  The second paragraph was to provide a description or some information about the toy and the final sentence or paragraph to close the piece.  The students then published their work and did some of the most beautiful illustrations.


Damaged Toys Wanted in the 1/2 Learning Area

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

As part of our Integrated Unit of Studies on “Toys” – the students will be dismantling and examining how different toys are made.  They will look at the parts that make up a toy, how different toys move and the materials used to make the toys.    If you have any toys at home that you could donate to our research – please send them in this week.

Thanks from the 1/2 Learning Area Team

Police Visit

Category : Foundation

Yesterday, three police officers from Brunswick station came to visit the Preps.

They taught us about their uniform, task and tools that they use when they are working.

They also answered all of our questions about their job and let the Preps explore their police car and van!

We has such a great time!









3D objects

Category : Foundation

This week, the Preps have been learning about 3D objects and their features. Today, we made cubes out of matchsticks and plasticine. The Preps then identified how many vertices, edges and faces a cube has and below are some photos of their explorations.

100 Days of School!

Category : Foundation

Yesterday, the Preps celebrated their 100th day of school!

They came to school dressed in bright colours, practiced counting and grouping numbers to 100 using their 100 collections and made their 100 cake. Below are some photos from the activities.

Return of the firefighters

Category : Foundation

Yesterday was a very busy day, with the Preps celebrating their 100th day of school and also having a second visit from firefighters from our local station. They spoke to the students about having a safe meeting place and practiced how to ‘crawl down low go go go’ and how to ‘stop, drop, cover and roll’. The firefighters then took us out to their truck and showed us all of the different parts. Lastly, and most excitingly, the Preps were able to have a turn at using the hose!

Jobs: Firefighter Visit 1

Category : Foundation


Today, firefighters from the Brunswick Station came to visit the Preps to talk about fire safety. The firefighters were able to answer questions such as “What do you do when there is a fire?” “What is a good meeting spot?” “What should you do if your clothes are on fire?”  and “What number should I call if there is a fire?”

Below is a video of the students practicing “crawl down low go go go” to their safe meeting point.