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3/4 Assembly

Category : Grade 3 & 4's

We had a wonderful turnout
last Monday, for the
Grade 3/4 Assembly.

Here is the video recapping
our 2018 year, so far!

Grade 3/4 Assembly video

Portraits & other special things, in the 3/4 Learning Area!

Category : Grade 3 & 4's

Our Golden Lucky Cat welcomes everyone to our Learning Area.
Our self portraits line our walls, and our beautiful fish and camouflaged stick insects engage our curiosity.

Can you spot Lucky Cat & our animal friends?

Welcome to the 3/4 blog for 2018!

Category : Grade 3 & 4's

Through play, the 3/4 students are developing the 4 C’s:
Collaboration and
Critical Thinking skills!

Stay tuned for more posts!


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Grade 1/2 2018

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Time flies when you’re having fun! We are already heading towards the end of week 3 for 2018! Our new grade 1/2 students have enjoyed settling back into school and we are all looking forward to spending the year learning together. Below are some pictures from Developmental Play.