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Grade 1 Dinner and the Grade 2 Dinner/Sleepover.

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Dear Parents and Carers,
A note went out today about the Grade 1 Dinner and the Grade 2 Dinner and Sleepover.
If your child was away, then please note this event will occur on Friday 12th of October.
You will be able to collect the notice on the first day back and payment will need to be made the next day.
Payment for Grade 1’s will be $10 and the Grade 2’s will be $15.
Thanks from the Grade 1/2 Team

3/4 Rock Stars of Maths!

Category : Grade 3 & 4's

Congratulations to every student in the

3/4 Learning Area for becoming

Mangahigh, Rock Stars of Maths!

In particular we applaud these Rock Stars

who received medals and certificates!


Category : Foundation , System


Here are some students in action, exploring some stations as part of our mass and capacity unit.


Cooking Club

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Today in cooking club, the students made chocolate balls! They collected, measured and mixed the ingredients. They used words such as hard, soft and rough when talking about different textures.Then they rolled the balls and coated them with coconut. Words to describe the balls included delicious, amazing, great, messy and fantastic.

Game Testing!

Category : Grade 5 & 6's

The Grade Five and Six students have been working on creating a game to teach people about Earth and/or space.  Today we tested our board and video games for the first time! Check out some pics of our first drafts below.  We will update you through construction phase, and we will hold a stall at the Festival of The Arts (Week 3 term four) to present our games to the school community!



Category : Grade 5 & 6's

Congratulations to all the students from years 3 to 6 who represented MPS in athletics last Wednesday. It was an awesome day, with our school coming 4th out of 12 local schools! Amazing! Here are some snaps of the day.