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Me at School

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Me at School

It has been a very busy term in Prep, as the students have settled into school and made new friends.

Our topic for Integrated Curriculum has been Me at School. In this topic we have looked at how to be a good friend, our emotions, what to do at school when you have a problem and the difference between kinder and school.

 As we have moved through the topics the Preps have become more confident in sharing their ideas with each other and have had some insightful conversations. Another activity we did was for the students to collectively come up with rules for their learning areas. The Kookaburras came up with some fantastic ideas such as

  • Looking after our things by putting them away when we are finished
  • Moving safely
  • Listening to others so we all have a turn to talk

The final stage of this topic was a cross curriculum activity where each student created a book called At School I...

We wrote the books in our writing sessions with each student taking on the roles of illustrator and author  to create the texts, illustrations and both the front and back covers of their own book.



Today we finished the books in class and each student was able to review how their writing had progressed over this term. The students will share their books on the kinder visits early next term and then they will take their books  home to be shared with their families.

Next term's subject is Me and my family and will be a great opportunity for students to learn about each other and the diverse community we live in.