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Swimming Helpers

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Swimming begins Monday 3rd of December and goes for two weeks, ending Friday 14th December. The 1/2 students who have paid in full will attend swimming everyday during this period.
There will be two groups and they will be leaving/returning to school at the times listed below:
Group 1 (just Grade 1’s): 10.20-12.15pm
Group 2 (some Grade 1’s and all Grade 2’s): 11.10-1pm.
Due to the fact that they are going to be in 2 different groups: we require 2 volunteers for each group everyday to walk students to and from swimming. Working with Children Check is required and no siblings.  Assistance is not required in the change rooms.
If you would like to know what group your child is in, then please contact your child’s home group teacher. Also, if you are able to assist us with the walks, your child’s home group teacher will be able to put your name on the list.
Thank you in advance
1/2 Team

Grade 1 Dinner and the Grade 2 Dinner/Sleepover.

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Dear Parents and Carers,
A note went out today about the Grade 1 Dinner and the Grade 2 Dinner and Sleepover.
If your child was away, then please note this event will occur on Friday 12th of October.
You will be able to collect the notice on the first day back and payment will need to be made the next day.
Payment for Grade 1’s will be $10 and the Grade 2’s will be $15.
Thanks from the Grade 1/2 Team

Cooking Club

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Today in cooking club, the students made chocolate balls! They collected, measured and mixed the ingredients. They used words such as hard, soft and rough when talking about different textures.Then they rolled the balls and coated them with coconut. Words to describe the balls included delicious, amazing, great, messy and fantastic.

Gardening Club!

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Today was a wonderful sunny day for our gardening club!

We planted succulents into our beautiful handmade clay pots and visited the Blair St garden beds to water our cauliflower plants.

Thank you to the wonderful parent who donated the succulents, the children love them!

Below are some pictures of the students with their pots.

Book Week

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Thank you to all of our 1/2 students (and their families) for their participation during the book week celebrations. There were some amazing costumes and the students loved doing the cross age activities with the older grades. Below are a few pictures from the morning.


Parents Please Help!!! We have entered all students into this competition, they will be coming home with log ins soon. It starts August 14th and ends August 20th. You can download the app or use on laptops. The more the students play, the more points and chances we get! Thanks in advance for your support.
More details can be found here:

Book Week – reminder

Book Week – reminder

On Monday, 20th August we will be celebrating Book Week. At assembly we will have our Book Week parade where students come dressed as their favourite character. Please start talking to your child about their outfit for Book Week. It is great if they can use clothes and props from home. We love the homemade variety!!

Following the assembly, students will be involved in cross-age art activities based on the short-listed books.

It promises to be a fun day for all!

Billy Cart Incursion

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Yesterday, the grade 1/2’s had Danny from Supreme Incursions come to visit to teach the them all about billy carts. The students worked in small groups to complete many engaging activities including designing and building a billy cart, creative workshop building, using tools safely and even billy cart driving!

On Monday, the grade 1/2 students will be running the school assembly and their will be a presentation about the incursion. We would love for you to come along!

There will be more pictures to come, but here is a sneak peak!



Messenger Dogs: Tales of World War One Insursion

Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Last week, MPS students were lucky enough to watch the show ‘Messenger Dogs: Tales of World War One’ which a puppet and actor performance that is run by the Victorian Government as part of the ANZAC centenary and produced by Cultural Infusion. The show follows the journey of Nell, Tick & Bullet – three dogs responsible for carrying messages between headquarters and the front line. The production is intended to open a dialogue about the events of WWI to kids and shares a tale of courage, friendship and willpower. The students loved the performance and were able to give the dogs a pat at the end of the show!