Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Yesterday, the 1/2’s went on their second excursion to CERES to learn about our local environment and how to keep it healthy. They rotated through four different activities.

A River’s Tale

The students explored the life of a river and discovered why it is so important to keep our water clean. The students became a character in the river’s tale and learned how you can look after or hurt the health of the creek. The students learned about the water cycle and discuss strategies to improve the health of waterways.

Netting for Water Bugs

The students learned about fresh water habitats. They enjoyed netting and identifying  the creatures living in our waterways.





















































Bush Tucker

The students were introduced to a variety of indigenous plants and about their uses for food, drink, medicine, tools and building materials.



















Garden Discovery

The students were asked to search for different types of plants in the garden, such as silverbeet, mint and spring onions. They then took turns searching for pollinators (using magnifying glasses) and mini beasts (using spades) in the garden beds.