Essential Information

Pick-up and Drop-off – Preps need to be at school by 8.55am. The roll is marked at 9.00am sharp. Preps are picked up from INSIDE the classroom at 3.30pm. For safety reasons, we don’t let the kids out without a parent/carer/older sibling.

Absences, late arrival or early pick-up – All absences require a note of explanation to be sent to the office for record keeping. The easiest way to send these notes is via email ( or through Sentral. Otherwise, please write a note and send it to school with your child when they return to school. For longer absences, such as periods of time spent overseas, please inform the teachers in writing before going away. These absences need to be recorded on the roll ahead of time.

If you are late to school or need to pick up your child early, come through the Front Office. A staff member will sign your child in/out at the desk there. All students arriving after 9am must be signed in through the office.

Uniform – The school uniform colours are Royal Blue and Gold. The uniform shop is open at the school from 3pm – 4pm on Thursday afternoons. cUniform can also be ordered online from: K-Mart also sells uniform in the correct colours. Second hand jumpers and Bomber Jackets are available in a range of sizes for $5, the can be found in front of Donna’s office.

Head scarves and leggings should be in royal blue, black or white. Shoes must have closed toes (no open toed sandals).

A hat is compulsory in Terms 1 and 4.

PLEASE CLEARLY LABEL EVERYTHING WITH PERMANENT MARKER. All children wear the same colours and without a clear label, everything looks the same!!

Food – We have three breaks a day for eating:

  • Recess (11.00-11.30am)
  • Brain Food Snack – FRUIT/VEGGIES ONLY (12.20-12.40pm)
  • Lunch (1.30-2.30pm)

The children are supervised for 15 minutes of dedicated ‘lunch eating time’ at lunch. Moreland Primary School is a ‘Nude Food School’, which means all food at school must be healthy and in a washable plastic container (no wrappers or junk food). We have a fridge and microwave available for the children to use. Left-overs make great lunches when reheated the next day!

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