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We are a group of 58 students and we will be sharing our learning and play experiences throughout the year with you. Moreland Primary School is situated in Melbourne’s inner-urban north and serves a culturally diverse community with families originating from more than 20 countries and speaking 23 languages. Our classroom is an open learning area, where we utilise a team-teaching approach.

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Mini Wicking Beds

Inspired by our new wicking beds, Katherine came up with the idea of the students making their own mini version to help them understand how they work and also to engage the students with their new environment.

All of the Preps created their own beds by using a bottle cut in half that has a ‘reserviour’ filled with water. This water travels up into the soil through material and therefore self waters the plant. This is very similar to our wicking bed that has two main parts: the bottom half is a contained reservoir filled with rocks and water and the top half is filled with soil, mulch and plants. By periodic flooding of the deeper half of the bed, mature plant roots get a big drink.

The Preps took home their plants today and hopefully they look after them over the summer.

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Cinquain Poems

This week, the Tiggers literacy group have been learning about cinquain poems. They are five line poems which use different parts of speech to describe a topic. The students were given a planning sheet and they needed to first include a 1 word title (noun), then on the second line they had to include 2 adjectives to describe the noun. Next they included 3 verbs (ing words) and then a 4 word phrase (how they felt about the topic). Lastly they included a 1 word synonym for the title. Below are some of the poems that they created.

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Prep Courtyard Update

This Wednesday, our amazing team of parents installed our new bush kitchen and new hose! The Preps are so impressed and cannot wait to find out what will be happening next. Below are some pictures of the Preps and the team who updated our court yard.

We are so lucky to have them!

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Using Laptops

Last week, the Tiggers (literacy group) used laptops to type up their recounts of Eric Carle’s novel ‘The Very Clumbsy Click Beetle’. The Preps were able to type words, enter spaces, use full stops and capital letters. As you can see from their faces, they worked very hard and loved using the laptops!














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Daisy the Dinosaur: Early Years Coding

Over the last two weeks, the ‘Number Ninjas’ have been learning about position and movement. They have practiced following and giving directions and today they put all of their learning into action on the ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’ app. This app focuses on teaching coding in the early years. The Preps were able to control Daisy’s movements to complete missions or just have some fun. As you can tell from the smiles on their faces, they had a great time teaching each other how to manipulate Daisy’s movements. Below is a video Daisy following the Preps directions.

If you are interested in trying this at home, you can purchase the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/daisy-the-dinosaur/id490514278?mt=8

And another great app is called Scratch Junior: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/scratchjr/id895485086?mt=8



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Prep Garden Upgrade

This term, a wonderful group of parents/grandparents will be volunteering their time to upgrade our outdoor space. They will be installing a music wall, building a bush kitchen, wicking beds, an adventure walk and planting lots of plants and herbs.

We are so excited!!

Below is a video of two super Prep parents creating our new wicking bed.

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Money, money, money!

Over the last two weeks, the Preps have been learning about money and at the end of the unit we set up a shop. The Preps were given $5 in coins and were asked to spend all of the coins on items in our store (all items were either $1 or $2).

Below are photos of what the students purchased.


Book Week Cross-Age Activities

The art work students completed during the cross-age activities in Book Week was absolutely delightful.  There is such a buzz in the air when students get to work with other students across the school.  Friendships are made and it is wonderful to see the senior students helping the younger students with the activities.  I have put together a range of photos for everyone to enjoy.  The list below shows the Picture Story Book that was selected and the activity that matched.

Nannie Loves Patchwork Quilt
Gary Pigeons in the city mural
All I Want for Christmas is Rain Rainstick
Go Home Cheeky Animals Wrapped Animals
The Snow Wombat Wombat Burrow
Chip Magicclay Chip
Mechanica Symmetrical Collage

Book Week

Below are more photos of the Preps from our book week celebrations.


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Thank you to all of the parents, carers and family members who attended our annual school event. Below are some pictures of the Preps on stage.




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Book Week Cross Age Activities

After our book week assembly, the Preps worked with different grades to complete craft activities based on the books shortlisted this year. Prep C worked with 3/4A and read ‘All I Want for Christmas is Rain’ by Cori Brooke. Together, the students made rain makers out of cardboard, rice, aluminium foil, tape and string. Below are some pictures of their costumes and rain makers.


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Jobs: Schools

Today, the Preps explored ‘schools’ and we had so much fun! Some people dressed up as Mr. Bove (our maintenance man), teachers, principals (in their work uniform and holiday attire), PE teachers and crossing supervisors. The Preps practiced running a school, teaching students, building schools, build laptops out of K-Nex and helping people cross the road before and after school.





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Over the last two weeks, the Preps have been learning about capacity. On Thursday, the Preps were asked to predict how many drops of water would fit onto a five cent coin (without overflowing) and then were asked to test out their predictions. We also talked about the many variables that can affect the outcome (such as cleanliness of the coin and height at which the dropper is held). The students were then able to explain why they all had varying results.

If you would like to try this at home, you can find instructions here: http://www.abc.net.au/science/surfingscientist/pdf/lesson_plan07.pdf






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Jobs In Our Community

Last week, the Preps learnt about jobs in our community, such as doctors, nurses, posties, vets, dentists, shop keepers and librarians (just to name a few). Below are some pictures of their explorations and some photos from our session with our guest speaker. Dr Stephanie showed us some of the tools she uses to perform her tasks as a doctor and showed us the uniform that she wears. We learnt so much about doctors, thank you Dr. Stephanie!

This Friday, the Preps will be exploring jobs in schools. The Preps are encouraged to dress up as teachers, principals, specialist teachers (PE, Japanese/Science, Peforming Arts, Visual Arts, Music) business managers, maintenance workers and IT technicians.




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Kyou wa….

Konnichiwa!  In Japanese Science we have been learning how to talk about the weather in Japanese.  We played a game of tenki dressups where the kids had to dress up in clothes appropriate to the weather.  Here are the crazy photos!

Kyou wa hare….

Kyou wa ame…

Kyou wa samui…


Kyou wa yuki…

Minnasan sayounara!


Last week, the Preps continued learning about jobs and specifically focused on trades. The students used iPad apps (Bob the Builder), used sorting charts, dress ups, craft and construction materials to explore these jobs further (e.g. what tools do they use, what tasks do they have to complete, what uniform do they wear and where do they work?.

Below are some pictures from Developmental Play.

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Emergency Services

Last week, the Preps focused on learning about emergency services used by our community. During Developmental Play, the Preps used graphic organisers, dress ups, craft and books to find out what tasks, tools, uniform and work places relate to each job. On Friday, to celebrate and reinforce their learning, the Preps dressed up as either firefighters, police officers or paramedics.

This week, the Preps are focusing on trades and on Friday, the Preps are able to dress up as a tradie.


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