Japanese Science

May 5

Here is the song about parts of the body we are learning “Me, mimi, hana”.  Sing along at home if you like!  (Until it gets stuck in your head and drives you crazy)

April 30

This week the Preps used their kuchi and to taste the four ingredients in sherbert separately and then followed the recipe to make sherbert.  They recorded all the different tastes as oishii (yum) or mazui (yuck).  Most thought the sherbert  was oishii!

March 3

Today the Preps started learning about our senses. We used our yubi instead of our me to find gold coins in an obstacle course.

Yubi yubi yubi!!!

Minnasan konnichiwa!

Here are some towers the Preps made to test out different materials and designs.  Students bought their equipment from our Japanese shop using the words ‘ohayou‘ and ‘arigatou‘ instead of money!  Whose was the most takai?Yokudekimashita!