Japanese Science

Fri 5 May

Don’t forget you can practise our word lists by going to Quizlet and choosing one of the games.  Here is the link to this term’s list on plants and animals:



Week 9 Term 1

Students have been learning about mixtures mazemas! mazemas! mazemas! and how we can (sometimes) separate a mixture again.  The challenge was to separate a mixtures of biizu, takara, suna to shio (beads, treasure – which was iron filings, sand and salt) using sieves, magnets and water.  We managed to get it all back out again after Ben sensei got the hotplate out.


Minnasan konnichiwa.

We have started learning about different materials and their uses.  We did an experiment to see what was the best type of kami to make a kami hikouki.  It turns out it was just good old normal kami that was the best!



Welcome to the Japanese Science blog for 2017.

The room is looking nice now with some Japanese art made by the students this year.

Daruma – with a wish for the year written on the back.
Sensu – fans with the characters for Nippon (Japan) painted using calligraphy brushes and ink.