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Alliteration Poems

To start term 4 the grade 3/4 students have been looking at poetry, in particular alliteration poems! Students have been having a tremendous amount of fun researching and creating their own alliteration poems. They have been creative on Comic Life in creating their own poster to support their poems!

Term 3

Term 3 was a busy term for the grade 3/4’s!

One of the exciting things the grade 3/4’s did was go on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. After visiting the Melbourne Zoo the grade 3/4’s had the opportunity to research other zoos and create their own brochure giving the public some important information about that specific zoo. They learnt what a brochure was, the layout and the type of information needed.

After visiting the zoo the grade 3/4’s were also aware of endangered animals, their habitats and ways that we could save the endangered animals. They created excellent keynote presentations to present to the rest of the class.

Book Week Cross-Age Activities

The art work students completed during the cross-age activities in Book Week was absolutely delightful.  There is such a buzz in the air when students get to work with other students across the school.  Friendships are made and it is wonderful to see the senior students helping the younger students with the activities.  I have put together a range of photos for everyone to enjoy.  The list below shows the Picture Story Book that was selected and the activity that matched.

Nannie Loves Patchwork Quilt
Gary Pigeons in the city mural
All I Want for Christmas is Rain Rainstick
Go Home Cheeky Animals Wrapped Animals
The Snow Wombat Wombat Burrow
Chip Magicclay Chip
Mechanica Symmetrical Collage

‘Hana’ dissection

The Grade 3/4s took apart some hana in Japanese Science last week and identified all the various parts that they could.  We found the stigma, sepal, pollen, petals and more!

Then we made Japanese/English sentences describing what we found:

Pollen ga arimas. Stigma ga arimas. Sepal ga arimasen.

Scraps of Wool and Ribbon wanted!

Book Week is coming to Moreland next Monday when we have our Dress-up Day.  Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite story book characters!  All students will be involved in cross-age activities to celebrate Book Week.  I am  collecting wool and ribbons for one of our Art Activities based on a short-listed picture story book.


If you have any scraps or odds and ends,  could you please drop in the box at the front office.  It would be appreciated if you could drop it in tomorrow or Thursday.

Many thanks.

Prue Satchwell

A Bugs Life

This term during Integrated Studies we are looking at living, non-living and once living things. The grade 3/4 students looked at a BTN story about ‘Bugs’ and learnt some new information about ‘good bugs’ and ‘bad bugs’

Students also learnt about pesticides and the effect it has on the good bugs, the environment and health of humans.


Essendon FC Visit

On Tuesday 30th May the grade 3 students were lucky enough to have 3 Essendon Football Club players come to the classroom to have a talk about football and leadership.

The grade 3 students were amazed to have 2 former captains and leaders of the Essendon Football Club in Jobe Watson and Brendon Goddard speak to them about qualities that good leaders should demonstrate.

Andrew McGrath a number 1 draft pick was another of the Essendon players that spoke to the students about never giving up, setting yourself a goal and working hard to achieving that goal.

China Studies

As part of the grade 3/4 Integrated Curriculum students will be developing a deeper understanding of China. They will compare and contrast the geography, people, economy and traditions with that of Australia.

Students had a look at a Behind The News Story (below) and use the information to further develop their knowledge.

Students have also been creating some Chinese art to decorate our classroom with. Have a look at some of the amazing and colourful art below!

Cross Country

On Tuesday May 16th, 15 students from the grade 3/4 learning area (along with 36 students from the 5/6 area) represented Moreland Primary School in the Cross Country. We were very pleased with the effort, behaviour and sportsmanship in which our students displayed throughout the day.

It was a successful day with multiple students getting through to the next stage, multiple students finishing within the top 50 and all students completing the 2km or 3km track.

Well done to everyone who competed in the event!

Month of May

It has been a busy start to Term 2 in the 3/4 learning area! In the Month of May we have lots and lots of birthdays to celebrate with 9 lucky students having a birthday!

We have had the addition of new fish to our area:

Our stick insects continue to grow. They started off as babies and now are SO big that they are growing beautiful blue wings!

Developmental Play

Students participate in structured and unstructured play to encourage growth in:

  • encouraging self-esteem
  • promote social interaction with other students
  • develop emotional and problem solving skills
  • share thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions
  • work together to reach a goal
  • look at problems in a new way and encourage new approaches to complete tasks



For the Month of May the 3/4’s have been reading lots of books and completing lots of Reading Responses. We write down the Author and Illustrator, the characters, the setting and write down what our favourite event in the story was. We complete a Tic-Tac-Toe on our chapter book with 9 different questions about our book.


During the Month of May the 3/4’s have been learning about Grids and Grid Points, Directions, Symmetry, Scales, Maps through a range of fun and engaging activities!

Term 2

It has been a fast, exciting and vibrant start to Term 2! On Monday 1st May we it was our turn to host assembly. These are the fun things we have been doing in the classroom during Semester 1!


During Term 1 we looked at Friendships and wrote poems about a best friend. Some examples are below:


During Term 2 Writing we have been focusing on Persuasive Writing and using persuasive words, phrases and sentences to persuade the audience to agree with our opinion. Read some examples below:


On the 25th April was ANZAC Day, we took time to learn about the ANZACS through different rotations. We looked at the importance of the ANZAC AFL game between Collingwood vs Essendon, we read ANZAC books and listened to the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ where we created our own poems on poppies!


We have also been having lots of fun dancing using GO NOODLE and continuing our scratch and coding projects. We can’t wait to see what else the teachers have planned for us during Term 2!

Moomba Floats

This year’s Moomba Festival was held from March 10 – March 13 with plenty of costumes, decorations, rides, food, parades and fireworks on display for the community of Melbourne.

We as a Grade 3/4 team designed our own floats which we thought would be a good fit in the Moomba Festival Parade.

Grade 3/4 Assembly

Monday 27th February was our turn to host assembly.

We spoke about all the fun things that have been happening in the first 4 weeks in the Grade 3/4 area. Below are the list of fun things that have been happening in our learning area:

  • We have been creating lots of new friendships and learning about each other
  • We have been learning about place value and shape in mathematics as well as participating in fun rotations
  • We have started coding and using programs such as and blockly games to become expert coders
  • We have been reading Kids News and understanding what we have been reading by answering lots of questions about the text
  • Essendon F.C. came to visit the area and spoke to the Grade 4 students about leadership qualities and what it takes to become a good leader

If you would like to see our assembly video please click the link below:

Grade 34 Assembly 2017.mp4


/ / Grade 3 & 4's

Essendon FC Leadership Visit

Today we had the opportunity to listen to 3 elite athletes from Essendon Football Club talk about leadership, what qualities a good leader should have and what it means to be an AFL player.


Some qualities that we as a 3/4 team think a leader should have include: having confidence, being honest and encouraging, makes good choices, is a good communicator and includes everyone in games.


The Essendon players also spoke to us about setting goals and the importance of setting achievable and specific goals to help us improve. We should make good choices and also take responsibility for our choices.


We really enjoyed having the Essendon players talk to us and share their football and leadership experiences.

/ / Grade 3 & 4's

Welcome Grade 3/4


Welcome to the new Grade 3 students and returning Grade 4 students!

Here in the Grade 3/4 area we are friendly, responsible, respectful, honest and most importantly FUN! Your teachers this year will be Ms. Pepi, Lina, Marcus, Costa, Naomi and Semiha, we all hope you had an adventurous and exciting holidays and are excited to get to know you this year and have a fun and eventful 2017!

From your 3/4 teachers!