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Fun with geometric shapes in 3/4 this week!

Maths is always fun as we explore concepts using hands-on materials!

Here is a short video about our 3D Shapes!

Click on the link below to see a short clip about our work!

Fun with geometric shapes in 3/4!


Hour of Code in the 3/4 area

This morning, special techy guests from Accenture visited our Learning Area to share their coding expertise.

It goes without saying,

they were impressed with the coding knowledge our 3/4 students already possessed!


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Wanted… Parents, Carers or Helpers,

to walk to and from the swimming pool

with the 3/4 students.

There will be two groups, 9 am and 12 noon.

Please us know if you can help.


3/4 Passion Projects Term 4

Whilst getting ready for the presentation of our

Passion Projects, some students are making terrific visual aids.


This week two students filmed their erupting volcanoes to include in their presentation in the coming week.


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3/4 Rock Stars of Maths!

Congratulations to every student in the

3/4 Learning Area for becoming

Mangahigh, Rock Stars of Maths!

In particular we applaud these Rock Stars

who received medals and certificates!

/ / Grade 3 & 4's

CLUBS Program

CLUBS Program

The 3 / 4  Learning Area started their Clubs program this term and have been have been working in the 6 C’s of education:  collaboration, creatively, character education, citizenship, communication and critical thinking/problem solving.

The students chose their preferred Club from the following:

  • Lego robotics
  • Sustainability group
  • Sim City
  • Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Sphero robotic balls
  • Origami/ craft construction activities
  • Engineering activities

Over the next few weeks we shall post photos some of the engaging activities.


My passion project 3/4 Learning Area continued…

My passion project: The brain

My passion project: Dragons

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Parents Please Help!!! We have entered all students into this competition, they will be coming home with log ins soon. It starts August 14th and ends August 20th. You can download the app or use on laptops. The more the students play, the more points and chances we get! Thanks in advance for your support.
More details can be found here:

My Passion Project continued…

My Passion Project: Africa

My Passion Project: Hedgehogs

My Passion Project: Snowleopards


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Book Week – reminder

Book Week – reminder

On Monday, 20th August we will be celebrating Book Week. At assembly we will have our Book Week parade where students come dressed as their favourite character. Please start talking to your child about their outfit for Book Week. It is great if they can use clothes and props from home. We love the homemade variety!!

Following the assembly, students will be involved in cross-age art activities based on the short-listed books.

It promises to be a fun day for all!


Students have been presenting their Passion Projects to their 3 /4 Learning Area. Over the next few weeks in term 3 some will be published in this blog. Keep on checking in to see a sampling of the presentations!

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3/4 commemorates ANZAC 2018

In the 3/4 Learning Area we discuss current affairs to deepen our understanding of the world around us. One such discussion & investigation has been about ANZAC Day.

We understand that we do not celebrate this day but rather commemorate it. Please visit this link.

3/4 Learning Area commemorates ANZAC 2018. Please press this link to see video.

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Monday 30 April 2018 Assembly

The 3/4 learning area will be running the Monday 30 April assembly next week.

We shall be sharing some camp videos & handing out medals from last term’s Mangahigh Maths Challenge.

Please join us if you are free.

/ / Grade 3 & 4's

Cave Hill Creek 3/4 Camp Day 1 – Part 1

Dear 3/4 Parents, please check out the link below to see what the 3/4 Students have been doing on camp.

Cave Hill Creek 3/4 Camp – Day 1 – Part 1