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Welcome to the Grade 3/4 Home page 2018

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We are a group of 105 students and we will be sharing our exciting learning experiences throughout the year with you right here on this blog.

Moreland Primary School is situated in Melbourne’s inner-urban north and serves a culturally diverse community with families originating from more than 20 countries and speaking 23 languages, yet we all share the love for learning.

Our classroom is an open learning area, where we utilise a team-teaching approach. Students are encouraged to be independent and enthusiastic learners by focusing on their Creative skills, Collaboration skills, Communication skills and Creative Thinking skills.

An exciting time for the Grade 3/4’s is laptop time! In the Grade 3/4 area we make being Cyber Smart a large focus of the students’ learning throughout the year. Students will partake in a Cyber Safety program at the start of the year to ensure they are aware of how to safely use their laptop.

Students are encouraged to develop their computer skills through a range of fun and engaging coding activities such as code.org, blockly games and scratch.

Through the You Can Do It social program students will further develop their confidence, organisational skills, become persistent when tasks become difficult, understand the importance of getting along and develop their emotional resilience skills.

Weekly updates and notices will be posted in the blog tab and general information on the home page.

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The Grade 3/4 Team

Sandra, Lina, Marcus, Rosa, Luisa and Semiha