On Wednesday 15th March some of the Grade 3/4 students set off to Golden Valleys Lodge for an exciting 3 day camp!

We set off on 2 different buses and took an hour long drive to Dromana where we stopped and had some lunch on the lovely sunny beach. Some students were lucky enough to see some dolphins swimming amongst the water.


After a lovely lunch on the beach we got back on the bus and it was time to make way to our campsite at Golden Valleys Lodge. We arrived safely and were greeted by Andrea and her pet dog Sunshine. We were then shown our bunk rooms and had lunch before we began our activity rotations!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking involved 2 different obstacle courses where students had to weave their way in and out of foam noodles, go up and down hills, go over a few jumps and encourage each other to complete the course.


Indoor Archery

Indoor archery was a difficult but rewarding activity. Students had to first learn about the safe use of equipment before learning how to use it. There were a number of ‘bulls-eyes’ and lots and lots of smiles!

Sensory Trail

In pairs students took it in turns having one of their senses taken away from them; their sight. Students had to lead their partners through an obstacle course focusing on different senses such as touch and sound.


Team Obstacle Course

During this challenging obstacle course students had to work in teams to manoeuvre a stretcher with a dummy or a bucket of water to the finish line without their item touching the ground. It was important that their was plenty of communication and team work.

Giant Swing

The most exciting and scary activity was the GIANT SWING. At 18-metres high students had the opportunity to choose their own height to swing at as the teachers helped harness them for safety.


 Low Ropes

Another exciting activity rotation included the low ropes course. With over 10 different challenging courses students had to work together to complete the course in a safe and fun manner.


Free Time & Student Acts

During free time students were involved in a number of different activities from trampolining, beach volleyball, soccer and just enjoying the sunshine with their friends.

We would like to thank everyone that helped make this camp such a memorable moment!









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