Melbourne Zoo Excursion

We’re Going To The Zoo

On Thursday 17th August the 3/4s went to the Melbourne Zoo for an educational excursion. During Term 3 we have been learning about living, once living and non-living things. We had to get to school before 8:45am so we could mark the roll and catch the 9:09am train. We had to go in partners and do a head count. We walked to the train station and it was raining and very cold.

When we first got to the zoo we had to put our bags in the picnic area and take out our cameras and water bottles. Then we were split into our groups and had some time to explore the zoo. The first animals we saw were the Peccaries, Giraffe, Zebra, Baboons, Koalas, Tapirs and even went into the bird sanctuary and saw amazing colourful birds.


We then had an introduction by the zoo keepers and learnt the aboriginal story about how the black swan was created. After the introduction we split into groups again and began walking around and exploring. We went and saw the Elephant and Australian Fur Seal. We also saw Meerkats, Otters, Tigers, Orangutans, Penguins and Pelicans. We then went into the Butterfly house where it was nice and hot.


After lunch each group was separated again and attended a workshop where they learnt about the 5 local legends. We then explored a little further and saw Reptiles, the giant Tortoise, Lions, Wild Dogs and the Red Panda before catching the train back to school. All students had a wonderful day and learnt lots of new and exciting things.



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