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Game Testing!

The Grade Five and Six students have been working on creating a game to teach people about Earth and/or space.  Today we tested our board and video games for the first time! Check out some pics of our first drafts below.  We will update you through construction phase, and we will hold a stall at the Festival of The Arts (Week 3 term four) to present our games to the school community!




Congratulations to all the students from years 3 to 6 who represented MPS in athletics last Wednesday. It was an awesome day, with our school coming 4th out of 12 local schools! Amazing! Here are some snaps of the day.


Kinder Visit!

Thanks to the Moreland Kinder kids who came up and visited the grade five and six learning area. We had a great time sharing some Book Week stories with you!


Interhouse Sport

The grade 5/6s have enjoyed playing touch rugby and hockey this term. All house have entered mixed teams into both sports and competed brilliantly.

We are looking forward to the finals this week!



5/6 Book Week Dress Ups!

Thanks to all the students who participated in yesterdays Book Week dress up parade! Check out some pics below….




Parents Please Help!!! We have entered all students into this competition, they will be coming home with log ins soon. It starts August 14th and ends August 20th. You can download the app or use on laptops. The more the students play, the more points and chances we get! Thanks in advance for your support.
More details can be found here:

Book Week – reminder

Book Week – reminder

On Monday, 20th August we will be celebrating Book Week. At assembly we will have our Book Week parade where students come dressed as their favourite character. Please start talking to your child about their outfit for Book Week. It is great if they can use clothes and props from home. We love the homemade variety!!

Following the assembly, students will be involved in cross-age art activities based on the short-listed books.

It promises to be a fun day for all!


5/6s Help Celebrate 100 Days of School!

Today we visited the Preps to help them celebrate their 100th day of school. We hope they enjoyed their cake!


IMAX excursion

Mina’s trip to IMAX

On July 24th 2018 Natalie’s project group went to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. We got there by tramming it. We hopped off the tram as we had to walk a little and found a park and had a snack.

After we walked to IMAX and stood on the escalator (and waited and waited) we jumped off, and the lady that works at IMAX came out of a little hole (it was scary) and she told us to sit down and wait. Then she took us to watch the movie. It was really loud! We learned about volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes. I learned that Istanbul had one of the biggest earthquakes ever.

After the movie we went outside to eat our lunch. I am scared of birds and where we sat there were a lot of birds. It was torture for me! Finally we went back inside and went into the museum.  The first thing that I saw was a dinosaur, it was made out of bones. Then we started walking around and there was a lot of crystals. I found the sapphire witch is my birthstone, it was blue. I asked Nat what is hers it was a amethyst.

After we saw the crystals we found this screen, it was a 3D theatre and we got 3D glasses and watched the film. We went under water without getting wet and we saw fish. It looked like it was swimming next to me.

At last we went back to school and played games for 30 mins. 

After all that it was a good trip and I enjoyed the excursion.



Term 3 Excursion – by Fatima

On Tuesday, the 24th/07/2018 17 students including me and 3 teachers left Moreland Primary School to go to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. We walked to the tram to get us to the museum. I was excited to go there since I’ve never been there. My day began like this.

We arrived at IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. A lady helped us enter our first activity, which was in the theatre. We watched a short movie which was called ‘Forces of Nature’. The short movie was about natural disasters such as volcanoes, tornadoes and earthquakes. I enjoyed seeing how the volcano erupts, and I liked looking at the lava. I learnt how volcanoes, tornadoes and earthquakes form.

Next, we walked to the Dynamic Earth exhibit. We found another movie, and had to put on glasses which made it 3D. We watched volcanoes and underwater sea creatures. I really loved how I tried to touch the creatures that came towards me and the lava, but I touched the air. When we finished the 3D movie, we went outside to eat, and play in the park. And we went inside for our next activity.

The final activity was looking at the galleries. We saw different types of globes that show how the earth will change or has already changed. These globes showed earth from the past, present and future; from 4.4 billion years ago, and one hundred million years in the future. What I learnt was information about the earth and my favourite part was how the future earth looked.

After a long day, we all had fun and walked to the tram. When we were on the tram we were quiet, which made the teachers very proud. The tram took us to school and and after all, all of us had an enjoyable day. This excursion was the best excursion so far.


Japanese Drumming


Here are some pictures from the Taiko drumming incursion on Monday.

Well done to all our student volunteers who had a go at the drumming on stage!



The Island….

With presentation night coming up soon (May 31st, 6-7pm) the students are working hard on collating their work for you to enjoy. Come along and enjoy a visit to Colallcudas!


Essendon FC Skills Session

Today the Grade 5/6’s had a visit from 4 Essendon FC players.

Michael Hartley, David Myers, Jordan Ridley and Kyle Langford took a skills session teaching the grade 5/6’s the skills of handball, marking and kicking. It was a fun and enjoyable experience for the 5/6’s to have elite athletes talk to them about the skills, game and lifestyle of AFL.


Subscription to Blogs


Parents please update your blog subscriptions to reflect your child’s new year level.

To do this firstly Unsubscribe if you child is no longer in the learning area that your are subscribed to and then using the links above, Subscribe to the new learning area.

Any issues, please email or see me in the office Tuesday or Friday 9 – 3.30.


Book Week Cross-Age Activities

The art work students completed during the cross-age activities in Book Week was absolutely delightful.  There is such a buzz in the air when students get to work with other students across the school.  Friendships are made and it is wonderful to see the senior students helping the younger students with the activities.  I have put together a range of photos for everyone to enjoy.  The list below shows the Picture Story Book that was selected and the activity that matched.

Nannie Loves Patchwork Quilt
Gary Pigeons in the city mural
All I Want for Christmas is Rain Rainstick
Go Home Cheeky Animals Wrapped Animals
The Snow Wombat Wombat Burrow
Chip Magicclay Chip
Mechanica Symmetrical Collage

Scraps of Wool and Ribbon wanted!

Book Week is coming to Moreland next Monday when we have our Dress-up Day.  Students are encouraged to dress up as their favourite story book characters!  All students will be involved in cross-age activities to celebrate Book Week.  I am  collecting wool and ribbons for one of our Art Activities based on a short-listed picture story book.


If you have any scraps or odds and ends,  could you please drop in the box at the front office.  It would be appreciated if you could drop it in tomorrow or Thursday.

Many thanks.

Prue Satchwell


The Human Powered Vehicle has arrived!

Thanks to a generous donation from Nelson Alexander, and the hard work of Alex Hoskins for securing the donation, our HPV has arrived! The RACV Energy Breakthrough team (the 10 student leaders) have now begun training and are keen to get their licences and begin riding. More to come!


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies

As a part of our studies of Australia’s indigenous culture there have been a variety of experiences for the students this semester. In term one, as a part of planning and writing the play and our history studies, students explored the effects colonisation had on Australia’s first peoples. This term we have a performance of song and dance from Dion Drummond, read and responded to dreamtime stories and investigated art work and symbols. Below are some photos of students having a go at some dot paintings and the symbols we explored.



History Project – What are we up to?

We are past the halfway point for Term One, and our students in Grade 5/6 haven’t wasted any time getting going on their history projects! Already the students are building up their knowledge of lots of different periods in Australia’s colonial history, working in groups to explore topics like ‘who were the convicts and why did they come here?’, ‘who were the different groups of people involved in gold mining and the Eureka Stockade?’ or ‘how did Indigenous people feel when Europeans arrived?’

Here are some blog posts from the Grade 5/6s filling you in on what they’ve been learning so far. Enjoy!









Maths – 3D shape

Shapes! We have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes in maths this month, with a particular focus on understanding how 2D shapes come together to form 3D prisms. We’ve also been building up the vocabulary needed, such as ‘apex’, ‘vertices’, ‘faces’, ‘edges’ and ‘prisms’. Activities range from online challenges, such as using Scratch to program 2D drawings, including using directions and angles, to hands-on challenges, such as creating the nets for 3D prisms from cardboard and investigating the different options for these nets in terms of layout.

Here are a selection of images from the unit of work so far!