Japanese Science

Fri 5 May

We have started building electrical circuits for our topic on denki.

You can practise our word list here: https://quizlet.com/203045638/grade-56-term-2-2017-denki-flash-cards/

End of Term 1

Here are some photos from our experiments on kotai, ekitai, kitai. (solid, liquid, gas)  Students learned how to describe a change of state in Japanese.  There are also some photos from our experiment on viscosity of ekitai. You can revise our words using the Quizlet link below!

Kouri wa kotai kara ekitai ni narimas!



Quick post…here is the link to our wordlist for our Chemistry unit this term:


Ganbatte kudasai!




Welcome to the Japanese Science blog for 2017.

The room is looking nice now with some Japanese art made by the students this year.

Daruma – with a wish for the year written on the back.
Sensu – fans with the characters for Nippon (Japan) painted using calligraphy brushes and ink.