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This term, Grade 3 / 4 students have been experimenting with
hot introductions for their narrative writing.
They have worked so hard to use
an interesting
first line in their stories.

Here are just a few that just may,
make you want to read more.

a snapshot of a small moment:

I am sleeping and I can hear something so I’m not sleeping. I’m going to look around, I decide. Boom! Just then I realise I’m now not in my bedroom because my bed is soft and this is not soft.       By Lachlan

My eyelids slowly opened and I wondered where I was. It was like I was on a very big grass field, on a mountain with 3 animals.       By Saleem

There was a tiny city called the Lonely City and there lived an old lonely man called the Lonely Man. Everybody hated him. They hated him because he was mean to everyone and because he had no friends. He lived in a lonely house with no neighbours. “Oi,” said the man as the naughty pigeon knocked over his broken chimney.     By Zahra

I walked into my room and I was surprised nothing was wrong so I stood where I was and suddenly everything broke.     By Branko

using dialogue:

“Ahh,” shouted Indigo. “I’ve slept in and I hope they haven’t left without me to go to the village to sell the poems,” I cried. “They know I am the youngest child,” I whispered. “Why would they leave me,” I cry. I look around and all I can see is my teddy bear Indie, my wardrobe and Max’s remote control racing car. The room felt empty without my oldest sister Amy.     By Ella M.

“Food!” shouted the tropical fish. “I want food!” the tropical fish continued…
By Zobia

“Mum,” yelled Jess. “Where’s the hammock?” Jess asked. “In the backyard,” mum replied. “Thanks,” said Jess. So Jess put on some shoes as quickly as possible and ran out to the backyard and found the hammock and walked slowly to it. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw something glittering the sun.     By Khloe

“Wake up Lilo,” yelled Oliver. “Hmm, why do I have to wake up?” mumbled Lilo. “It’s your birthday Lilo” whispered Oliver.     By Ella R.

“AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!” that’s me, having a painic attack! Right now, I’m in my bed with the lights off and my blanket over me having a total meltdown.     By Reggie

“Hey Mum.”  “What?” “I have to go to soccer.” “Okay.” So Charlie went to his soccer game. When they got to soccer pitch they could see lots of squishy mud and it didn’t look good…     By Charlie

“Hey don’t touch that” I screamed to Luis.     By Otto

  “Come on worm, we’re under attack! It’s a super big 20cm blue wren!” “Is it trying to eat us?” asked worm. “Yes it is,” shouted Officer Beetle.     By Ben

“Sword cat, hold on!!!” shouted Arrow cat. She shot an arrow with a rope connected to it, into the air and they were flung in the air into the enemy base.     By Shant

 “Long live the King!” said everyone in the crowd. But unknowingly at this very moment the enemy was approaching.     By Theo

  “Go away,” shouted Dad. He hates birds eating his chips.     By Christian

asking a question:

Have you ever been late on the first day of high school? Well today is my day and I’ve just heard the bell and I’m running like lightning.     By Finn

 Have you ever gone to MasterChef when it’s on fire? Well I have so let me tell you about my story.     By Harriet

Have your pets ever had a fight with a bird? Well today it happened to me in my six storey mansion.     By Oscar B.

a sound effect-onomatopoeia:

Wham, Thud, Smash! One, Two and Three crashed into the ground of the bank defeated by Paws (a Ninja guinea pig) and Ears (Paw’s twin brother, a Ninga too).
By Harvey M.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ”Flopster, stop dancing” begged Hoyoo.
“I can’t” roared Floster.
Boom! Boom! Boom!     By Will S.

Briiinnnggg goes the minion’s alarm as they wake up.     By Kemda

an action lead:

I jumped out of bed. It was real. It was 3 o’clock. The bell for end of school is going in 30 minutes and I’m home alone.     By Zak R.


Cleo Salpigtidis

March 8, 2018 at 7:21 pm

Beautiful, thanks for posting


March 9, 2018 at 10:20 am

Great to see some examples of the kids developing narratives styles, thanks!