Category : Grade 1 & 2's

Dear Parents/Carers,

This Term the Grade 1/2’s will be learning all about TOYS.  To begin this learning, we are asking that all students bring a toy that is special to them in the first week of Term 3, please make sure it is clearly labelled. We are also asking that they write about their toy during the holidays to get their thinking ready. They will need to answer the below questions and bring them back in the paper bag provided as well as their toy in the first week of school. This is not an independent writing task, so your assistance with this task is encouraged if required.

Where did your toy come from? (Was it a present, from a family member, for a special occasion?) Why is it special to you? Do you play with your toy by yourself or with someone else? How old were you when you got this toy? Does your toy move? Does your toy have different parts? If so what are they?

The students will be presenting their work in front of their classmates in the first weeks of term 3, so if they would like to practise their presentation at home, especially if they tend to get a little shy, then that would be great.

Also, Toy catalogues will be needed for all sorts of explorations, so if you have any please bring them in!

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact one of the teachers. Thank you in advance, Miss Jennah, Prue, Luisa, Rosa, Mrs Khattar and Sengul